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Registered Shareholder Account Information

Colgate is pleased to provide shareholder account access. Via our transfer agent, Computershare (Computershare acquired BNY Mellon Shareowner Services effective 12/31/11) all registered shareholders may access the following features:

Contact Information

Computershare Investor Services

P.O. Box 30170

College Station, TX  77842-3170


Overnight Delivery Services:
Computershare Investor Services
211 Quality Circle, Suite 210
College Station, TX  77845

Telephone: 1-800-756-8700 (U.S. and Canada)
1-201-680-6578 (Outside U.S. and Canada)

Unclaimed Property

Important Information About Protecting Your Colgate Stock From Escheatment:

Colgate is required to escheat (i.e., transfer to a state government) your Colgate shares and/or uncashed dividend checks if they are considered abandoned property under relevant state law. Several factors might cause your shares and/or dividend checks to be considered abandoned property. These factors include returned mail, lack of contact with the transfer agent (Computershare) over a three-year period or uncashed checks. Once your shares have been escheated, it can take years to recover them. We urge you to maintain activity on your account via annual communication with Computershare to verify your account information either by phone, mail, email or via their website. Please also keep your address up to date and cash all checks received.

Direct Stock Purchase Plan Enrollment

Colgate's Direct Stock Purchase Plan, sponsored by Computershare, allows interested investors to purchase shares of Colgate common stock. Shares can be purchased online at

Investors can make their initial purchase of Colgate stock and additional cash investments through the Plan.

Colgate's Direct Stock Purchase Plan also offers dividend reinvestment. Please contact Computershare at

1- 800-756-8700 or 201-680-6578 for more information.

Dividend Reinvestment Enrollment

You may invest all or a portion of the cash dividends paid to you on your Colgate common stock. There are two options under the dividend reinvestment plan - full dividend reinvestment or partial dividend reinvestment.

If you elect full dividend reinvestment, all your cash dividends and all shares now or subsequently registered in your name (including shares previously purchased for your account) will be used to purchase additional shares. If you elect partial dividend reinvestment, cash dividends on the number of shares which you designate in the appropriate space on the Enrollment Form, and all of the cash dividends on shares purchased thereafter for your account will be used toward the purchase of additional shares.

One-time optional cash investments can be arranged by enclosing a check with the completed enrollment form or the tear-off portion of your account statement. In addition, shareholders may elect to make automated monthly optional cash investments by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Direct deposit of dividends

Dividends can be directly deposited into your bank account by completing the direct deposit authorization form at the Computershare's Investor Centre Website

Online Account Accesss

Registered shareholders can access their account online at Computershare's Investor Centre Website 24 hours a day, seven days a week by visiting Computershare's Investor Centre Website allows you to print account statements, update address information, print tax forms, and perform transfers and transactions such as buying and selling shares, and enrolling in dividend reinvestment.

In addition, you have the ability to "go green" by receiving statements electronically.

Transferring Stock

If you wish to consolidate several certificates/accounts held in your name to one certificate/account, reregister your shares in a different name due to a name change, add a co-owner to your shares, make a gift of your shares, change the registration due to reaching the age of majority by a minor, or reregister the shares in the name of a surviving joint tenant, our transfer agent, Computershare, can handle these matters at no cost to you. You may contact them using any of the methods under Investor Contacts. Transfer instructions and the necessary forms can be found at the Computershare's Investor Centre Website,


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